I'm sitting with Britain's next Prime Minister

Funny who you bump into when commuting. I'm sitting next to Gordon Brown on my commuter train & his entourage. We're on the local train from Waterloo which passes through Barnes (my home stop).

Weird thing is I'm being polite & mentioning mutual acquaintances (his old assistant, now an MP, and I were at school together). Why am I not giving him grief over the increasing tax burden in the uk, screwing up the private pension system and creating a boom & bust as well as a tax & spend UK. Because I'm English and we just don't do that on trains! Arrrrrrgggghhhhh

However sometimes you just get lucky. I'm reading my Economist though and what is the feature that I've just unwittingly turned to - Bagehot's piece entitled "Mr Brown's awfully big year" suggesting Gordon Brown will achieve his life's ambition in 2007 but that his problems are just beginning. So I just get to sit and read this fascinating piece after which I ping off an email (this blog post)!

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At 11:41 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

knowing you as I do, I can't believ that you you didn't open your mouth and have a go. Are you losing your touch as you get older?


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