This is simply the easiest way to avoid spelling blunders online

When posting comments on webpages or entering text in online forms, I do find the absence of a spellchecker a bit of an inconvenience. I type reasonably quickly and in doing so make slip ups/typos. In sense checking the text, I hope to pick up these errors but sometimes.....

I'd recently read about a spellcheck tools that web administrators could easily embed in their websites to provide users with this functionality. Trouble is, I was dependent on the sites to do this.

So I was delighted to find SpellingCow, which is a favelet I can invoke within the browser which will check my text and reduce my likelihood of looking an idiot by poor spelling [all other reasons still stand]. I've started testing it and confess I've had a few teething issues with it.

Of course, if you happen to use Firefox 2.0, there is a spellchecker in that too.

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