Musicovery - Interactive web radio that is visually impressive

Musicovery is a Pandora-like online interactive music station that allows you to create an instant personalised radio station based on how you are feeling at that moment. No registration; No download.

It has an excellent user interface - great design. Simple to use and visually engaging. You can select your mood, genre and period, as well as whether you only want to hear hits and "misses" (non-hits). You can even select to "discover" new music. To navigate between the tracks presented just click on them and watch the screen instantly reform (similar to the visual thesaurus interface)

I'm a Pandora fan, but I'm going to give this a try. I like to listen to music whilst working - have done so since I was a small child doing homework on the floor :-) . I've found that music mood can influence how I think - lively stuff for when I need to be creative/inventive and source inspiration; mellow for when I need to examine detail.

By way of warning, there does appear to be subscription element lurking within the service, which I activated by clicking on the "Discovery" checkbox.

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