Internet TV - its very real

I had lunch with the fabulous Katie Ledger this week, former UK Channel 5 news presenter & journalist [& ITN + BBC], who amongst other roles now is an occasional presenter on BBC Click.

Our lunch conversation strayed onto IPTV and the impact on MSM. She'd seen my post on Blinkx and had been similarly impressed by the possibilities it created for the personalisation of TV.

Following our lunch, it occured to me how much good programme content is already available, with favs of mine including
1. Askaninja
2. Rocketboom
3. MobuzzTV
4. ZeFrank

There are also many BBC shows, which are now available online including the increasingly popular Dragons Den.

In addition, its becoming increasingly common for many events [generally geek related] to be filmed & posted to the web. I've caught up on a number of events I couldn't make for whatever reason in this manner. This content is simply a by-product of the production, similar to the Deacon Blue CD I bought last night.

The facilities now available online to support narrowcasting are increasingly sophisticated and have taken much of the complexity out of the process, allowing people to focus on the opportunities presented by generating great content. I've already mentioned services like and veotag in previous posts. Another is - an excellent service which even allows you to use your webcam to create content and post it directly to your blog, albeit I've not tried this - I've got a face best suited to radio!

Most of these services are presently free, hence dropping the bar even lower for people to kick off their efforts to "test & prove a concept" and build an audience.

Some people describe the web as one of the most powerful means of democratising the planet - these types of services definitely are contributory elements, providing the means for all to be heard - "listened to" is slightly harder.

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