Veotag - add clickable text to your video

Veotag is a new service that lets you display clickable text, called "veotags," within an audio or video file. The viewer can see the veotags whenever they play the video on the web. Clicking on a veotag lets the viewer jump right to that part of the file.

I stumbled (not stumbleupon) on this one whilst viewing a VC video roundtable. The video is 53 minutes long. The addition of the veotags had 3 effects on my willingness to watch a long video.

1. I could easily see the main topics within the video and hence whether it looked worth starting to watch

2. With the tags I felt in control such that I could dip in & out of what I perceived as appealing topics.

3. With the aid of the tags, it was obvious that watching part of the video & returning later would be viable because visual prompts existed to "bookmark", in addition to the timestamp.

Whilst the basic service is free, there is a premium corporate service.

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