Springdoo are offering even more great free goodies

I've previously written about the excellent video email service from Springdoo . No install and no fees.

Most of my email activities are handled on my Blaspspringckberry whilst I'm on the move - utilising free moments between meetings to read and respond to emails that only require a short note (80%). For longer compositions, I will usually turn to either my webmail client or Outlook (which these days mainly acts as my backup device for my email messages] simply because I can use my full size keyboard (15%).

But as for the remaining 5%, I've been increasingly using a video email. The circumstances for this usually include

- when I've not met physically met someone to date and so want to introduce myself on a more personal basis than a text email. This is more important if I am to meet them so that they know who to look for - beats agreeing to wear a red rose blind date style.

- emailing a sensitive message to someone. Whilst its easy to type a few lines of text in an email, that's just a cop out/being chicken. Its normally better to meet or talk to someone in such circumstances, but sometimes this isn't possible. Likewise, sometimes that meeting would be difficult for both sides, because there isn't necessarily a productive outcome possible from the discussion. But in such circumstances, I think you should at least have to go through the "mental pain" of talking to the camera.

- when you want to convey a personal/cheeky/friendly message but which could be easily miscontrued if they don't see the little twinkle in your eye ;-) Facial clues are one of the key elements to human communication, hence phrases like "they won't look you in the eye when they are talking to you"

Anyway, Springdoo have added some great new features ncluding the ability to post video messages to your blog, which they call a Springcast - not that I intend to inflict that one on you. Worth checking out.

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