Springdoo – Video email made easy!

Springdoo – Video email made easy! Ok, so banging out an email to someone is incredibly easy, so why would you bother to record an audio or video message that is delivered by email - isn't that just technology overkill. Maybe, but its quirky, and sometimes isn't life just about fun over form.

Its also an easy way of leaving a message for a group [not so easy with phone voicemail]

I signed up for Springdoo simply on the basis of its How it Works video which I thought was brilliantly delivered. Watch it even if you can't be bothered signing up.

By the way, the service is free and there's no limit on the number of people you can send a video or audio message to (max duration is 3 mins for video and 10 mins for audio), nor are the number of downloads limited. Your message remains live for 30 days.

Better than that this services operates entirely within the browser - no download required!

Ok, so it won't replace all of my text emails but I reckon its a flyer for some of my traffic, including as a means of grabbing someone's attention, as least for a while. So be warned.

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At 4:00 AM, Anonymous Springdude said...

Hi John

Great comments thanks!

We have something really special for you coming out in about 2 weeks, its called SpringCast, and it (i think), will be exactly what you are looking for.

We are launching SpringCast soon - a very cool product. It provides you a widget player known as a Springdoo Communicator that you embed into MySpace etc, and can send a new type of Springdoo message called a SpringCast.

The communicator displays your message on your website. You can send audio and video to the Communicator from your computer as an uploaded file or a video created using the Springdoo website, from a mobile phone as 3gp mobile video or as audio from any old land line phone.

Your messages are displayed instantly on your website. Messages can be viewed and replied to from your communicator on your website, and, your friends can SUBSCRIBE to your communicator and chose to get PUSHED your messages via video email, streaming mobile 3gp, SMS text message, RSS, iPod feed, etc.

They {recipients} can even reply from their mobile back to you personally, or back to the communicator.

Cheers - Springdude


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