Perhaps I should explain

Colin over at told me I looked "dapper" in my photo in an email to me today. But wasn't it a bit formal for a blog! Well, to explain... The photo is from a black tie charity dinner that Folio Partners helped organise for Small Steps, and was taken by Paul whilst I was doing my MC role for the evening. In the background you can make out Amanda Lamb of Channel 4 fame, who gave an excellent introduction to the charity. The after dinner speaker was Tim Foster (Sydney Olympics Gold medalist coxless four rowing) who is great chap and highly entertaining. You can see both of them in the event photos

Entitled "Chief Tote Officer" the event raised £42k to help fund therapy programmes that assist children under the age of 5 that have physical and developmental difficulties. Its a great charity, doing excellent work in helping kids to do what most people take for granted - look, listen, sit and stand.

So now you know.


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