Rocketboom and bust?

The departure of Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom will be a text book tale of key personnel risk (online or offline) - When the “star” becomes as big or bigger than the brand, what happens when the star walks voluntarily or otherwise?

Amanda was Rocketboom to its viewing public. Whilst the rocketboom brand has high recognition in the online space, repeating its formula (similar to a band finding a new front person) will be incredibly difficult with a new face - in contrast more front people tend to have successful solo careers.

Unlike some other recent departures in the online hall of fame to pastures new, she is probably one of the few “online” names that could cause a collapse of the underlying business.Whilst few really know what’s actually happened as yet, I suspect that this will prove an excellent prompt for many companies to put in place mitigating measure against being similarly caught out.
Amanda - thanks for being so entertaining (and for providing a salutory lesson to entrepneurs).

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