Orchestrate - the simple things in life need organising

Stumbled across this online task list facility - its simple, clean, focussed and inspired.

Comprised of a single page into which you can create multiple lists with editable task entries, that you can easily tick-off and which can also be printed out. No registration is required and its free to use.

Yongfook (I spotted that too!) comments in his blog "There are lots of neat web apps / services out there to try, but what I find frustrating is arriving at a new site that a friend or blog has recommended, only to find that I’m not allowed to play with it until I’ve given up some personal info to a registration form. Considering that the web app market is becoming ever-more saturated, I think in the future we will see more of the Orchestrate approach - let users test-drive the service with zero commitment. If you’ve made a good service that they genuinely need, they’ll be back and they will register for a reason. I feel registration should be something that expresses a user’s increased emotional attachment to a site - not something that acts as a front door."

Absolutely spot on - unless of course as I've pointed out before, you are looking to sell email address lists ;-) Great work.

Alternatively you may want to try Wallnote, which allows for one task list and notes. I've been using it for a few days and synchronising it using active desktop (windows feature) with a cached copy on my laptop for when I'm (rarely) offline. Again its free and easy to use.

For more ideas you should also check out Solution Watch and the article 50 Ways to Take Notes

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