The lifespan of ideas ...

Check out this excellent article by Tom Foremski on Silicon Valley Watcher

His observations are spot on - too often people are scared that their ideas will be stolen and so keep them hidden away. Yet in doing so, they often rob themselves of the opportunity to use the creative genius of others that could help develop their ideas. In my own experience, when you expose an idea others will happily chat it through, challenging your assumptions (thereby helping test the rigor of your thinking) and providing their thoughts on how to develop/improve/modify it.

As to stealing your ideas, well, sorry to disappoint you but having ideas is relatively easy - its having the guts to do something with them and executing that's hard. And if you don't know how, then involve somebody that can help you. Sure, they may want some equity, but remember that 100% of nothing is ......... [if the answer is obvious, then put it into action and exploit your ideas].

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