The Long Tail

I was delighted to get to meet Chris Anderson who is the Editor of Wired magazine at the London Geek Dinner last week, he of the Long Tail fame, when he was over to promote his book on the subject. The evening had been organised by Ian Forrestor, who did a great job in putting the evening together in a week and demonstrating the power of the grapevine/blogosphere in getting a message out with the result that over 80 people turned up at a wine bar in Holborn.

Chris was formerly the tech editor over at the Economist, [which has been of my must weekly reads for the last 15 years and no, its not just about economics!] and has a very sharp mind.

I'll do a posting about the chat I had with him and my subsequent thoughts on the fascinating theory he advances, which has almost reached reverred status in internet circles. I shan't be the first to comment on it, nor shall I be the last (check out techmeme or technorati for proof)

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