Zoho hits a million accounts with a superior product range

Zoho, the excellent provider of a large range of web applications, today announced it has reached a million accounts in just 3 years.

All of the 17 applications it offers have a free version, with some offering premium paid-for features as well. I have used quite a few of these including their word processing, spreadsheet, crm and web meeting services.

They report that 10% of accounts use their CRM application which is free for up to 3 users, and hence ideal for many small businesses. However, I seem to recall that for a time you had to set up a separate Zoho account to use the CRM product [lack of a single sign-on] and as a result I must be amongst many with 2 accounts, which may overstate the real number of users. Likewise, I wonder how many of the million users are active as opposed to triallists.

They got a notable boost in numbers recently when they allowed people to log on using their Google and Yahoo credentials - one less user log-on set of details to remember.

It astonishes me that Zoho has a) managed to maintain its' pace of creating and releasing such high quality applications and b) hasn't been bought yet, considering how superior most of its offerings are to established firms such as Microsoft. Whilst Microsoft may have vastly more features in their corresponding software, Zoho covers the basic features that most people actually regularly use.

Disclosure - I am a Zoho fan!

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