We're going to Wembley, my knees have gone all trembley!

Sorry, but I just can't help but share my elation that West Brom are going to Wembley to play in an FA Cup Semi-Final. With the competition wide open, following the astonishing exit of Manchester United and Chelsea in the last round, every team stands a reasonable chance of lifting the trophy.

West Brom last won the FA Cup 40 years ago this year. Only one side has ever won promotion and the FA Cup in the same season - and that was Albion in 1931.

Having been to Wembley last year for the playoff final that West Brom lost to Derby, it is amazing to be going back so soon.

Slight panic after winning last night's game was that my youngest daughter's birthday is scheduled for the same day as the semi - fortunately she is a big West Brom fan too, so the party is getting moved! After all you have a birthday every year, but we haven't been in the semis since 1982.

C'mon you baggies.

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