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I confess that having started using Blogger as the host for this blog, there has been little motivation to move. Whilst it may not have all the sexy features offered by some other hosts, I didn't perceive the need for anything other than the basics. In almost 2 years of blogging, it's been fine.

Yet as with backups, it is wise to have alternates in your back pocket. Many people I know use Wordpress and are very pleased with it, mainly because it has such a breadth and depth of features.

Whilst I've had a Wordpress account, other than playing with it a little when I opened the account, it has remained dormant. However, having decided to check that the restore function of BlogBackupOnline service actually did work [it did work], I took a fresh look at the Wordpress offering. It is immediately obvious why people enthuse about it, since the configuration options are several magnitudes greater than with Blogger.

Interestingly they have already catered for users of other blogging services and enable you to directly import your blog and related comments from Blogger, Live Journal, Moveable Type and other Wordpress blog accounts.

If you're contemplating starting to blog or want a racier service, you should definitely check out Wordpress.

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