Save a life today - become an organ donor

Given the recent debate about the Government proposal to automatically enrol everyone in an organ transplant scheme, with an opt out capability, it may seem enrolling on the UK Transplant Register is unnecessary.

However, it only takes a minute online, so why wait and you may save someone's life. Register here.

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At 8:56 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

The problem I have with registering as an organ donor is that doctors will then start to regard you as nothing more than a set of spare parts. I have already made a living will which suggests that if ever I am in a vegetative state (more than currently obviously) then no-one is to pull the plug on life support machines. This is when I plan to start watching all the soaps like Eastenders and Coronation Street and the like. I want these to be played to me continously 24 hours a day as I think that is probably the only time I could cope. Now if doctors were looking at my body as a set of spare parts I suspect they might ignore the instruction not to pull the plug and I might miss out on those shows.


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