Rectel - a chance for you to make your own recording of telephone calls

Rectel is a non-subscription outgoing call recording service that can be used by anyone at any time. Just pick up the phone and dial 0871 900 9000 and you will be given a PIN and asked to enter the phone number you want to call. Rectel then records your conversation ready for you to download on your PC. Calls to their number are charged at 10ppm inc VAT and this is how the service is funded.

Whilst their website suggests it is not illegal in the UK to record a phone conversation for your own use and you don't have to tell the other party that you are recording the call, I'm not sure what restrictions apply and to me it obviously makes sense to tell the other person so that you are recording the call so that you are not restricted in how you can use it.

This service has widespread application and whilst skype users etc could record calls easily enough for free, for the mass market dealing with large corporate call centres, this could prove immensely useful assuming the cost is not too prohibitive in the call centre queuing system hell.

I am indebted to Hawkeye for pointing this service out to me.

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