Pinger - Great solution but what was the problem?

Perhaps I'm not in the user target market, but I confess that I don't get Pinger, despite their catchy video and explanation of why I should use it.

In essence, via this service I can leave a free voicemessage which can be heard by the intended recipients once they have been notified via a text message which prompts them to dial in to listen. This is instead of a) calling them b) sending them a text c) emailing them d) leaving them a voicemail.

I appreciate that this may be helpful where
a) the recipients are overseas and can instead listen to the calls via a local number at their expense instead of me making an international call/voicemail/text
b) I am sending a long message (of up to 5 mins) to a group that can't be sent in as a group text message

Is this really a high volume market that is relevant to many people? Moreover, as they don't charge for the service, how do they make a living?


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