The next iteration of RSS Readers

Like huge numbers of people, I switched to Google Reader and it'll have to be a killer app to get me to switch. That doesn't stop me from looking though, particularly if that app can both help with the prioritisation of posts; let me unhook from "dull" feeds easily; discover interesting new feeds or posts that it detects I may find interesting or which friends/colleagues use.

There are a few such apps around.

One recommended by Read/Write web is FeedEachOther covered here. They highlight some key features
Another option is AideRSS, which claims that it uses PostRank to score, filter and track performance of RSS feeds, thereby improving your efficiency.

I'm also trying out FeedHub at the moment albeit this may take some time before it evidences its worth, as it needs "learning time" to uncover what does and doesn't interest you. This one creates a feed that can be incorporate within Google Reader or any other RSS reader, only linking back when you want to give it a "thumbs down" on particular content it serves up.


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