Fijians slay the Dragon

The incredible performance of the three South Sea Islands in the World Cup should please everyone (bar the Welsh who were dumped out of the Tournament yesterday).

They've always been a source a fabulous players, albeit most have found New Zealand passports readily available, as well as excellent Sevens teams. But until recently they've not done well at 15s.

The transformation has come from the increasing presence of players from these small nations amongst the ranks of top clubs, especially in Europe.

It remains to be seen whether the teams that have done so well will be given the opportunity to continue their development by being admitted to the North/South hemisphere tournaments.

Italy are a great example of a country that has improved greatly since their admission to the Six Nations. Argentina are surely worthy of a place given their World Cup performance.

Whether national administrators will be as open to these teams as the Welsh defence is more doubtful.

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