Spinvox makes Newsnight

Marlow (UK) based Spinvox got an 8 minute slot on tonight's BBC Newsnight to provide an insight into Spinvox and their aim to be the next "billion dollar" company via a stock exchange "flip".

Christina Domecq, CEO, talked about a range of issues
- how hard it was to raise the first £500k
- that she felt it was hard raising money in the UK, but felt simple good ideas (like hers) would always find investors
- how operational delivery was the key to the company's success

Also featured was Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital, who acted as their early investor/advisor. Julie was praising the fact the many investors have done trivial due diligence because they believed in the CEO.

Christina informed the viewers that presently they have 140,000 users and that 12 major network operators including Cincinatti Bell have signed up. She added that she expects to have 10 million users in a year's time.

They have now raised £30m from VCs and Christina, in response to a question, suggested saw Spinvox as being the next Skype.

Her final note was that she believes the next big thing will be voice posting of blogs, using Spinvox of course.

Funnily enough, Spinvox was one of my first blog posts and has been my highest read post.


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