Is Facebook too noisy

According to a recent academic paper that has been widely reported, Facebook is class ridden, appealing to educated WASPs (white anglo saxon protestants).

Well it's also noisy, albeit views diverge on whether this is a good thing. My friend, Nic Brisbourne of Esprit, posted that he liked it but would appreciate a few more noise filters.

I confess that I'm not contributing much noise - I haven't acquired the habit of logging in and updating my status etc but lots of my "friends" evidently use it to a significant degree.

Lots of noise has been generated from people signing up for apps & then delisting ie browsing. Sadly, when delisting there's no feedback on why they've delisted which be helpful.

Whilst it's easy to add Facebook applications, I've found few to date that have been compelling. Likewise wading through the directory is arduous.

Any ideas on how to get a better experience from it?

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