I think this online audio search app looks good - Hearhere

HearHere™ is a new search facility soon to be released by Pluggd that lets you quickly find the portions of an audio or video podcast that interest you. The search tool allows you to specify terms to search for and then utilises speech recognition and patterns to identify points in an audio file that match your search terms.

So, searching for “Lily Allen” in a podcast about Music will return a “heat map” highlighting places in the file that may be relevant, with colour coding to indicate likelihood of a match.

Subject to its' accuracy, it means that instead of listening through an entire audio file to find the relevant bits, you can search for them and jump right to what you’re looking for.

HearHere™ is only available for audio files, but apparently they will soon launch video search as well, called SeeHere.

This could be incredibly valuable to many groups, particularly if search could be deployed across multiple files simultaneously i.e. find relevant bits amongst my audio library. I can particularly imagine research analysts using this on recordings of corporate/investor conference calls to highlight places they think are relevant to their clients & sales traders.

Sadly, you can only try the demo tracks, rather than your own files at present.

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