If entrepreneurish fails, try car theft

I was astonished by this video - no idea if it works as yet, but if it does............mine's the new SLK parked over there.

Blondie Unlocks Car - video powered by Metacafe

No wait, they only show you how to get in to it, not start it.

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At 8:58 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

Interesting video. This used to be a well-known method for breaking into cars some 20 years ago in South Africa, but was replaced by the more certain result method of hi-jacking the car at gun point when the driver was actually present. I thought the car manufacturers had moved away from the vacuum/air-pressure locking mechanisms precisely because of the tennis ball method of unlocking. Presumably this is not the case in the UK. The hi-jack method was adopted in SA as a response to Insurers' demands for quality alarms and immobilisation systems on cars to prevent theft when the driver was away from the car.


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