Pandora - Pssst you can still get it outside the USA

Today Pandora, one of the excellent music discovery internet radio stations pulled the plug on its non-US users as a consequence of the complexities of international royalty arrangements. Techcrunch has the story here. Previously non-US residents were deterred by the barrier that the service was only open who could claim to live in a US zip code. Oddly a huge number of their users lived in Beverley Hills, which coincidentally has the zip code 90210 that also happened to be in the title of an internationally famous TV show.

The new technique to be used by Pandora is the IP address of the user which provides ordinarily identifies the country location of the user.

Annoying isn't it.

So thanks to a suggestion from Lifehacker, here's a list of proxy services that you can route via in order to continue to listen to Pandora! Don't you just love the internet.


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At 10:14 AM, Blogger Simon said...

John, from the Pandora blog, it seems that streaming to the UK is still okay:

"After a year of work, only the UK and Canada have shown enough progress for us to feel comfortable allowing continued access."

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

I am still able to access it here in the UK, but then I didn't use 90210, being more a Grateful Dead fan than a Beverly Hills one.


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