Internet World 2007

I'm at the Internet World exhibition today at Earls Court in London. There are supposed to be 8500 registered attendees and 250 exhibitors.

In amongst the stands are a series of theatres hosting a series of speakers on various themes. Thankfully you can loiter on the outer edges of the theatres and easily dip out if the speaker is dull.

Its evident that the speakers have a challenge - the audience comprises people at all levels of familiarity with the internet, online services and social communities. Consequently, its hard to find an appropriate level & so most I've seen during the morning have tended to opt for "beginner". Hopefully things will pick up!

I've already seen the Walid from Trusted Places this morning but sadly the organisers haven't made any provision for people networking onsite which would have been very easy. eg
- show them your address book & advise me who else is attending I know PROVIDED you don't spam those addresses.
- open a twitter channel
- provide free wireless onsite for easy IM
- open an IRC chat channel or the like
- provide a search facility to find who is attending

If you are coming to the show during the next few days, please let me know by email, phone or by leaving a message on the meebo widget box on this blog. Happy to meet up.

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