The dominance of the music download market

Tonight's BBC News reported that 50% of the purchases of singles that make the top 40 are downloads, following rule changes made in January this year to include downloads volumes in the charts. A whopping 70% of music bought in the UK is now via download.

Every track on the the Arctic Monkey's latest album has made the top 200, alongside the five from their previous album, giving them the record for the number of singles simultaneously in the charts, with an amazing 18 tracks. Given that this excludes downloads when an album is bought as a whole, it shows fans are cherry-picking their favourite tracks from the album.

In January of this year, the Sheffield band's album was outselling the rest of the top 20 album's combined.

No longer does a physical release of a track have to occur to qualify for the charts and hence it is far easier for back catalogue items to make a surprise return to the charts.

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