Run Meebo in Firefox Sidebar

If you read this blog on its home page rather than via an RSS reader, you may have noticed a meebome widget on the page, which enables anyone visiting to IM with me when I am online or leave a message if I am offline.

It is this widget than persuaded me to use meebo as my IM aggregator rather than any other online IM aggregator.

However, one big problem with meebo is that it doesn't operate a pop-up to let you know incoming messages have been received and you are reliant on spotting that the meebo browser tab is showing the text - browser limitation presumably.

Until today, I'd not figured out how to overcome this inconvenience. So I'm indebted to Sika at Neilson Reference Department, Smith College, Northampton MA 01063 for emailing me with this link which shows how you can run meebo in a Firefox sidebar window in the browser and thus keep it permanently in view in the browser session.

There are a couple of drawbacks.
- It does reduce the browser display size
- It doesn't resolve the situation when the browser is not your active window, but as most of my PC activities are done within the browser this is fine for me

I believe that this is a technique you can employ for other webpages too.


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