Koral acquired by Salesforce

Blimey, I was caught out by this one. Transpires I must have been asleep in March as Techcrunch today made reference to Salesforce's acquisition of Koral, an online document collaboration application which I have blogged and raved about in the past. That said, Koral only announced it on their quiet blog on Monday.

I was aware that Koral was working on a funding round in January which was being led by the States side co-founder of Koral, Mark Suster and targeting US investors. But I hadn't consciously considered that I'd not chatted/spoken with the UK based co-founder Tim Barker for over a month. The last conversation we'd had was about the work Koral was doing to configure their application to operate on the Salesforce platform and be offered via AppExchange.

Well, they went much further than this and Salesforce evidently spotted the same potential, electing to use them as a major plank in their continuing advance across Enterprise 2.0.

The terms of the deal haven't been made public but congratulations are in order for the (small) Koral team, who have now been subsumed within Salesforce.

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