The history of blogging, faster than you can catnap

Jason Ball over at London Seed has this excellent summary of the history of blogging

Having already explained I really don't get Twitter (yet), I was interested to see this post from Mike Butcher over at Vecosys, which followed up on the FT article today.

Today’s FT article estimates Twitter is sending - conservatively - 70,000 text messages a day across its service. If, as Ed French commented on my personal blog,, each text costs a minimum of 1p to send, Twitter is burning through 700 quid a day or $1,379.57, or $38,627.96 a month. It could in fact be three times as much if they are using a more robust SMS gateway service which costs more like 3p a text, or $115,883.88 a month. All this for (apparently) no return since there is no advertising on the messages, none on the web pages and no subscription business model either. As I said before, Twitter is really onto something here, especially the API aspect, but now I’m wondering if this isn’t just starting to smell like a ‘dotcom boom’ era story. The one thing in their favour right now is great mojo and press, and an ability to capture the community. They just need to work out what to do next - the hard bit. All the while their adoption is going through the roof. Or maybe they just sell it for squillions and someone else has to figure it all out…

To be fair, many large companies would consider that pocket change to achieve the buzz that Twitter has achieved. And as a stake on being bought out, I know a few VCs who would take that bet. However, given the history that the owner of Twitter had with the VCs involved in Odeo, from which Twitter span out, maybe he is going to keep this one for himself.


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