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Some interesting new features are available on

User radio stations
You can now tune into the tunes recommended by other users, including radio stations they've created and their "loved tracks". So you can now tune into selections made by your friends or complete strangers with whom you seem to have a music affinity ("neighbours" in parlance) . You can also embed a radio player widget in your website so that others can tune in easily.

In common with a few other sites I've recently referred to like sonicswap and finetune, have added playlists which can be easily built up whilst using

Flickr style, you can now build a visual mashup of your music and get an animated quilt of your top artists or albums that you can put on any website.

Personal charts
They've added new interactive charts, complete with inline track previews. It's quite interesting to see one's listening habits shown in this way.

To enable you to build up your friends list faster than keying lots of address in and hoping for the best, there is a new contacts importer that looks up other users of the site based on your web address book.

All of these are great improvements. I've found to be a great service and you can understand why they've been so successful in attracting so many users (15m reportedly).

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