Zoho have an impressive inventory of great apps

Playing with the Zoho Notebook application has reminded me what an extensive range of great applications are offered by Zoho. Most are free and yet are still serious contenders for best app in their respective classes.

I think that Zoho Writer and Sheet probably have the edge over Google's equivalent offerings. Zoho Crm is very good and compares well to apps from Salesforce and Freecrm. Zoho Chat is probably not as good as meebo but only because it presently lacks the IM aggregation facilities.

Other services that I'd previously overlooked include a great FREE website monitoring tool entitled Site 24x7, to which you can add multiple websites. Similarly, Zoho have also slipped in a free online poll creation application for embedding in websites.

Surely Zoho will be snapped up for a sizeable sum soon, given the impressive creativity and delivery abilities they have consistently demonstrated - another rarity amongst the mass of one-hit wonders.

If you aren't familiar with Zoho, I suggest you remedy this soon and do yourself a favour, assuming you don't mind having Publishan "uninstalled life".

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