Kool IM takes on Meebo

Albeit still in Alpha, Kool IM is almost a replica of Meebo in that it provides an aggregation service across multiple IM networks.

They already have more IM networks than Meebo as you can see from the list below.

Whilst the application is reasonably intuitive, there's no help or FAQ sections to assist in steering round the application. That said, it's a very minimalist site.

The application can be run "embedded" within a browser tab or as a "popup" on the desktop similar in appearance to most desktop based IM applications.

As yet there doesn't appear to be a meebome equivalent, which is the reason why I'll be staying with meebo for now - it's amazingly useful to be able to converse with people visiting the blog. If that's not relevant for you but you are hooked into many IM services, this may suit you.

Kool IM definitely look like a group to watch as they seem to be an innovative crew.

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