Spinvox PR blunder

If you want to annoy people, spamming them is usually a good technique.

Its even more effective when you follow these simple steps
- spam a private group list you've been permitted to join
- send the spam under the guise of someone seemingly unconnected with the company/product
- send self absorbed fluff to highlight your own self importance that is of no interest to anyone else
- link the fluff to a bigger story/keyword in a move to add interest

I can claim no credit for inventing this. Thank the PR company of Spinvox who
- sent a Spinvox press release to all the members of Mobile Monday London,
- sent it from an yahoo email account that was easily traced to someone at Spinvox's PR company
- felt we'd be interested to learn the opinions of the CEO of Spinvox on the iPhone & why her service was superior(product plug made by disparaging others)

This little stunt
- generated lots of email traffic amongst the group condemning the breach of list etiquette in send a spammy press release
- was quickly traced by a group member to the PR company
- was interpreted as a desperate ploy by Spinvox to be noticed and appear to matter
- earnt many suggestions on how to voice displeasure with Spinvox for such behaviour

Leaving aside the brand harm to Spinvox as the stunt backfired, it was fascinating to see a community group form around unwritten rules of what constitutes reasonable/unreasonable behaviour and "punish" the perpetrator.

Sometimes groups remain quiet because individuals feel uncertain about their status and ability to speak up. They fear looking silly if theirs is an isolated view. Other times the perpetrator is a bully.

A good example is the present furore over Celebrity Big Brother where three "educationally/intellectually challenged" women are bullying another a fourth. The fourth happens to be Indian, and possibly is perceived by the bullies as coming from a higher "social class". Within the "House" their unacceptable behaviour hasn't been challenged, yet outside there is universal condemnation - many have written about the damage to the bullies "celebrity" brands which is already having commercial implications for them & the programme makers.

The seriousness of the transgressions is clearly different between Spinvox & CBB. Nonetheless its gratifying to see their respective behaviours challenged by natural social order.

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