A blogger with the "Hoover" syndrome

This blogger has made the offer to anyone that comments on his blog in the next two weeks, that he will comment on every blog post of theirs for the next two weeks.

Potentially, that's a huge undertaking as there are already 36 people that have left a comment on that post alone. Assuming he has the time to do any more which attracts new people that comment, you can quickly see how fast his task might multiply. It reminds me of the Hoover offer, whereby everyone that bought a Hoover vacuum cleaner received a flight ticket(s) to New York. So many people took them up on their offer that the company was forced to make a huge write off, given that the flight costs greatly exceeded the profits on a vacuum cleaner.

Obviously he may just quit once the enormity of the task becomes apparent; it could even be a great stunt.

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