"1&1" are proving inept as an ISP

1&1 are one of the largest ISPs in the UK. Sadly, for the last 4 days, their email service has been screwed. It's affected both their web mail and pop account service. Not too impressive for a hosting company to suffer such problems given it's supposed to be their area of expertise.

So, apologies if I've failed to respond to your emails and my sympathies if you too are a customer of this firm - you'll be familiar with this message if you are.

500 Internal Server Error

An unexpected condition was encountered. Please try the request again.


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At 11:51 PM, Anonymous CDenman said...

You have my sympathy. I use 1&1 too and experienced the e-mail hassle described - which lasted for a good week. And just today I've had lots of hassle with e-mail too of a similar nature. Stupid German company (says he, throwing in a bit of jingoism for good measure!)


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