Software as a service - ups and downs

I'm a Saas fan. If you are too, you'll have no doubt met lots of doubters about it who've raised objections concerns etc. I've even listed some of those concerns in past posts and in this slidedeck.

One concern cited is the reliability/availability of the service. No matter that you rely on the phone company or electricity company to enable you to do your business, which is rarely raised by folks (unless they live in California where power outages have been known or some third world states), it just feels different, especially if you feel the service could be hosted internally.

So, in case the doubters are struggling to provide examples to make their case, and in the spirit of honesty and openness, they should be aware that posterboy of the Saas world, Salesforce was reportedly offline the other day.

Thanks to Dennis Howlett for the tipoff. Pleased that Dennis likes Koral too. He's correct whe he points out, I did forget to mention that Koral handles document version control too, which is a hugely important feature when talking about a collaboration app.

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