Sex sells at CES show in Las Vegas

Do you reckon all of these ladies at the CES show in Las Vegas are Girl Geeks?

I did love the irony, reported on BBC News at 10 last night, that the CES show was immediately followed by the Adult Entertainment industry convention. Obviously the BBC cited the immense importance of the Porn sector for driving advances in technology, given it tends to be an early adopter of innovative concepts in commerce.

Could it just be that by running these events sequentially the organisers realise that they are saving their core customers (male geeks) an airfare and providing them with a cover story, thereby driving up attendance from people who "just happen to be in town and extending their stay by a few days" ;-)

It certainly seemed that way for the BBC reporter that presented the story on the news, and who'd evidently persuaded his London bosses that it would be worth him extending his stay beyond the CES show just to do one more piece.

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