Viddler could turn out to be the best video host this Xmas

After looking for a service that would let me upload large videos and then "deep tag"them, I may have found what I was looking for in Viddler , which is presently in beta.

You can upload many videos at once, and in various formats, too (.mov .avi .wmv .mpeg). You also don't have to worry about file size — you get an allowance of 500 Mb PER VIDEO.

Moments on the timeline of your video are taggable, so you can classify and share instances in time. Timed tags are searchable, too — this is really powerful.

When commenting, the position in the timeline of a video determines where it will be posted to, rather than having comments being attached to a whole video.

You can use Viddler to record footage directly from a web camera to the website, without installing any software.

The service streams video rather downloads it on a progressive basis, hence the ability to hop about within a video.

This could give many services a serious run for their money, combining large file sizes with in-video tagging. Why - well it means you can now
I know other services are already looking at providing similar capabilities - I got a call this week from CEO of one of the best hosting services, who are based in New York, about deep tagging. To introduce this will necessitate them migrating from progressive to streaming video - however he considered the cost of this to be relatively light with open source software now available to do the job. I suspect that Viddler may well accelerate their plans.

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At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another cool video annotation service is
Cool annotation tools like, speech and though bubbles, shapes and even your own images.


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