Quantcast lifts the skirt on website audiences

The Quantcast service provides quite an intriguing service. It states that "it helps web publishers of all sizes understand the composition of their audiences and attract higher advertising rates, and helps advertisers and agencies find elusive online audiences wherever they might be. This web site allows anyone to view audience reports on hundreds of thousands of websites."

It claims to have site stats for over 20m sites so it's quite interesting to type in popular sites (bbc.co.uk, economist.com). By embedding a piece of script on your site, it will also perform the same analysis on your site.

Trouble is, how can assess its accuracy except by reference to similar services. It's not like you can easily ask your visitors and get a sufficiently high response (outside of sites requiring registration). Of course, the stats will be different between services because no doubt Quantcast techniques will be "superior" and different if you ask their PR department.

So apart from covering their backsides, is this service going to be of much assistance to people trying to assess how to spend their ad dollars? Hmmmmm

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