I'm not the only one who findsScoble's laugh annoying

Here's a quote today in support of my earlier post on the Scoble Show and Mr Scoble's inane and incessant laughing during his show.

Stuff posted last night on ScobleShow? Sarah Blow gets interviewed by Maryam. She’s a real geek (is an embedded systems programmer and started Girl Geek Dinners, which are much cooler than my own dinners, I’ve gotta admit). I hate my laugh. I’ve gotta stop laughing so much, it really is annoying. So, here’s the deal. After January 1st everytime I laugh I’ll put $5 in a bucket for charity. - Robert Scoble

Robert, I reckon you are going to be skint pretty quickly - unless of course you break your promise. If not, may I nominate Small Steps as a beneficiary of some of the funds raised please - I know from personal experience the invaluable help they provide to children and families alike.

Small Steps helps parents to help their own children who suffer with cerebral palsy and other forms of motor and sensory impairment.

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