The 10 Petals of Success

I liked this from Mind Petals, which states that it was started to connect various intelligent, smart, creative, and young entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The 10 Petals of Success

These 10 petals of success originated from me, David, in my former office (garage) while thinking about some true paths to success for budding entrepreneurs wanting to make things happen with their lives.

  1. Take risks
  2. Start today, not tomorrow
  3. Listen to yourself first
  4. Never give up…try and try again
  5. Use failure as fuel
  6. Never stop thinking
  7. Create something
  8. Help others succeed
  9. Solve problems
  10. Change the world!
No. 8 particularly struck a chord with me. I enjoy networking for a variety of reasons including that sometimes you get the chance to introduce two people you've met/know who should be able to "do something" together.

An introduction like that costs nothing and I agree with Noah Kagan who asserts that to think an introduction is going to eat into your favour's tab is bizarre - if you think that only one side to the intro will benefit then of course you'll be a little circumspect, which is the whole basis of how Linkedin operates.

You also shouldn't do it expecting to be rewarded, but do it because you want to (unless of course your business is matchmaking!) . People often looked stunned when you explain that you are simply making an introduction; end of story and no need for you to be involved thereafter.

It's definitely true that sometimes unexpected benefits will flow back such as invitations to participate in future ventures, introductions to others or simply kind words being spoken.

Sow a little help today.

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