Scoble - A "Face for Radio" or a "Voice for Blogging"?

Whilst at University I got involved in Radio Presenting (Loughborough Campus Radio) which I thoroughly enjoyed. Of course, it did prompt the comment that I had a "face for radio".

In a twist to that phrase, I think Robert Scoble has a voice for blogging. Having just watched one of the "Scoble Shows" involving Hugh Macloud, I've decided that Robert simply spends too much of his show guffawing. In case this was an unusual show, I watched a second one to validate the theory and it was the same.

Its one thing to be happy in your work, but I confess to finding it irritating that most of the show seems to involve Robert laughing at nothing in particular, in an almost inane way. Puts me off watching another, despite the interesting line ups,

The only exception is this video involving Philip Baddeley on how entrepreneurs should prepare for funding pitches. Very watchable (less laughing!) albeit it is long at 40 mins.

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