"In the loop" in action with LinkedIn

A while back I wrote about my idea for "In the Loop", whereby you would learn stuff from those you trust and which they had passively revealed. Examples would be people in my "trusted networks" disclose great plumbers they recommend; or restaurants; or books/music; blogs.

So I was delighted [well, sort of given that they've nicked my idea and not paid me royalties] to read today that LinkedIn have implemented Service Provider Recommendations

It works by people recommending service providers against particularly job/service categories and you can see those recommendations. Sadly, it doesn't seem to provide a league table of those recommendations such that several people recommending the same person ranks higher than only one - but then it may be because my networks hasn't used the new service yet so it doesn't show up.

Anyway, great to see that they are finally getting it, after all LinkedIn has never been a sticky site - or is it that
a) now that Sequoia Capital have banked Youtube they've moved onto their next portfolio asset to prep them for sale
b) LinkedIn has been inspired to "get it" and "bank it" by Youtube

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