When making a journey, you need an accurate map

Knowing I love history, an old work chum sent me a link to Peters Projection . This is an accurately sized map of the world - and yes, that makes it different from the representation of the world map that has been used since the mid 1500's and is the most recognisable map of the globe today.

In the same way, you should look at the 1421 website which is the evolving website that accompanies a book written by Gavin Menzies, a former British Submarine commander. It challenges our notion of who discovered what and when.  It has caused major uproar as a consequence.  After all, surely Captain Cook found Australia. And didn't Columbus discover America.  Menzies contends not, and that the Chinese were the first to circumnavigate the world in 1421.  The website is fascinating as is the evidence presented.  

It's astonishing what we take for granted without realising or questioning, only to have it blow up in our face.  Moreover, having a view that is contrary to accepted "wisdom", is never going easy - you may be laughed at or pilloried; ignored; dismissed.  No matter, sticking to your convictions, rather than being easily swayed or keeping your head down is what makes people succeed with good ideas.  

Modifying the phrase that "treason is just a matter of dates", "Good ideas are just a matter of dates" too.

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