Second Chance Tuesday - a brilliant event

What an excellent event!

I went along on Tuesday evening to the TUC Congress building just off Tottenham Court Road for the third of these networking events, noting the irony of a group of investors & entrepneurs meeting at Trade Union HQ - (perhaps it was going to be a trap, just like the child catcher laid in Chitty Chitty Banh Bang)

The venue was actually far too hot and the free drinks far too few in number ;- ) but that aside, the room was full of interesting people (entrepneurs and investors, distinguished by different coloured stickers) including:
- Robert Loch of Internet People
- The 23yr old owner of Glasses Direct
- The inventor of the "Egg Toaster" who appeared on Dragons Den, fluffed his demo THREE TIMES, got the money and then never heard from the Dragons again! Outrageous
- The owner of Storybook who also appeared on Dragons Den but didn't get the dosh
- The owner of Videoisland
- The co-owner of the ComedyHub, Stuart Oliver
- The owner of Paoga, Graham Sadd
- The owner of everwire, Kieran O'Neill
- Anna Graziano of Cartwrights
- Peter Bond of Otodio, who I'd also met at Momo London the previous evening

Unlike some events, everyone had gone there with the specific intent of mingling - no embarassing moments as people try to attach/detach themselves to groups. So you got to meet lots of people; hear the elevator pitch, agreed to meet again if appropriate and move on.

Loved it - well done Glasshouse. Looking forward to the next one.

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