Monitor 110 - a conversation

Well, following my last post, Roger (President of Monitor 110) was kind enough to respond to my questions, albeit I didn't quite get answers to them. Nonetheless, you can read the exchange at Information Arbitrage.

As Roger has commented elsewhere, there is remarkably little awareness of even basic facilities such as RSS [Ready for Some Stories ;- )] in the mainstream, including amongst capital markets firms and their employees, with the consequence that some of the "wow" and related acclaim is attributable to things that have been available for some time. But that being so, it simply means that there are opportunities for those that can get past the early adopters and cross the chasm to the mainstream, which I believe will achieved by focussing more on what the tech can do for you, rather than the tech itself.

Anyway, I shall keep an eye on Monitor 110, if only for their mastery of the mainstream media!

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