Browster - faster surfing alledgedly

Came across Browster over the weekend, which has evidently generated considerable favourable PR for its Firefox and IE extension that allows you to preview links on Google & Yahoo without actually having to click through to them. By preloading the pages, it cuts down time clicking through & makes surfing faster. It asserts that there is no spyware within the software to track your movements.

There is evidently some revenues associated with this service as they are offering affiliate commissions [doubt they are a charity!] which I'm speculating arises from a) advertising as their T&Cs gives them permission to dleiver advertising with the service b) commissions from navigating you to a page; excerpts from their T&Cs

"In the course of processing a given web page preview or prefetch, Browster sends a request to Browster’s servers or the servers of Browster’s licensors. This request may include the keyword query, time of day, browser type, default language setting, IP address, an anonymous unique ID, and a code which identifies the distribution source of Browster used by you to conduct your search. We use this information in order to properly process your preview request. In addition, this data provides us with: aggregated click information for the purpose of ensuring that our partners and/or us are appropriately compensated; information that allows us to make accurate payments to our distributors; non-personally identifiable data regarding the context of the page being viewed; aggregated usage and retention information; and non-personally identifiable information for the purpose of more accurately matching or further monetizing commercially-oriented searches for services or products."

However, with Google toolbar enabling you to skim through the links easily, other than the preload element, I'm not sure this is a killer app - I'll give it a try though as it could well be one of those things that only usage illustrates usefulness. Certainly, Stumbleupon users like it.

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