Techcrunch reported on today

"The idea here is that you can access your web based desktop wherever you go; a browser, java, flash9 and your username and password will get you access to the following:
-Web IM, including chat with Jabber, Google and MSN buddies. (No Yahoo! or AIM yet, that's a shame.)
-1 GB of free storage.
-An inline MP3 player with playlist creation.
-An adress book.
-WYSIWYG web page editing.
-A blog publishing platform with support for tags, full or partial RSS feeds, 16 layout templates and the ability to edit the CSS.
-Email and search.

The company's business model will be based on selling storage beyond the 1GB that comes for free and selling subscriptions to a forthcoming enterprise version of the service. Sapotek says their company is based on the belief that IT should be a commodity, accessible to all regardless of socioeconomic circumstances. "

This is a further addition to the rapidly expanding list of resources available online for free that have the ability to replace many of the bloatware apps chewing up the harddrive today. Other great apps online include which provides an online wordprocessor, spreadsheet and powerpoint facility which interact with their microsoft equivalents. Whilst offering a narrower range of functionality, it probably satisfies the majority of users actual usage requirements - I know that I barely touch many of the features of Excel or Word.

My main concern about online apps - what happens when I'm offline? Ok, this is becoming a smaller period of the day, but nonetheless it happens so I actually contradict my own aspiration and want a synchronised local copy of my data and the ability to use it. A secondary concern is the care over my data - is my data being backed up so as to avoid the risk of my data being lost and what will happen if this service wants to shut down? I know, but won't name, one online photo hosting service in the UK that managed to lose all of its user's data - all that irreplaceable data gone. Like, I'd ever trust them again!

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