2 online services that you may want to try for webconferences are vyew and powwownow . The first is the more advanced/developed of the two but I have experienced some issues with delegate firewalls on occasions. Both also link up to phone conferencing facilities - vyew is US based and Powwownow has international dial-in numbers including UK. Both of these are free services.

Whilst they are not in the same league as webex as yet, one has to remember the sizeable cost associated with it and similar services. If you want to be really swish, you can run the webconference alongside a userplane session!

One service I have yet to use but am likely to try is Instacoll which uses a different approach to webconferencing. Sadly you need a desktop install to operate because it embeds itself within Microsoft office and then you launch and collaborate within the docs themselves. Found it via skype developer zone .

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At 12:49 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Thanks John - Userplane loves this feedback!

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Omar Faruque said...

powwownow was founded in 2004, offering customers low-cost Telecomunications
facilities with the ethos of no booking, no billing, no fuss (the customer does not need to book a conference room and never receives a bill from powwownow, just the cost of an 0844 national rate call added to their bill). Turnover for 2009 is expected to reach £7m. The company operates in 14 countries including the US and major European markets. Powwownow employs 32 people and is based in Richmond, London.


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